Friday, September 3, 2010

Important New Collaborator on My/Our Work

Dr. Drew Koch
On August 20 I posted a blog about some of my thoughts about how each of us goes about establishing a legacy. In that blog I also referenced some “succession planning” I had been doing to bring in a new senior colleague for the non-profit organization I have the pleasure and privilege to lead, our Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education. I promised in this blog that I would make an announcement in early September as to the specifics of this appointment. Today, that’s what I write about.

So, I can be relatively brief in the writing I do for this, because I am going to give you a link to a piece to which I have contributed already, namely, a press release about this appointment. Thus, it gives me great pleasure to introduce my readers to my new colleague in our Institute, Dr. Drew Koch, formerly of Purdue University (and about 15 years ago, the University of South Carolina). I would encourage my readers to write Drew ( to introduce themselves and offer him any advice for continuing and strengthening my work on behalf of American undergraduate education. To learn more about this special higher educator please see

-John N. Gardner

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