Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How Students are Meeting Hard Times

When I blog I try to have some semblance or an original idea or take on something. But not in this one. My sole purpose is to call my readers’ attention to an article written by my wife. This piece is entitled “Collegiate Dreams and Expectations Meet Hard Times” and it is a compassionate piece about how our students hopes and dreams are colliding with current realities, and how the students do and can cope—and how educators can help them cope.

The author is Betsy Barefoot and her piece is found in the Journal of College and Character, Volume II, No. 1, February 2010. I commend it to you.

Betsy asks: “What keeps students aiming high, even in hard times?”

And she argues the following:

1. They maintain a dream, somehow.
2. They harness inner strength and faith in themselves.
3. They seek help.
4. And they help others.
5. And they learn from their past.
6. They must manage their available financial resources, even though many of them have no previous experience or opportunity to have done so.

She argues that we have an obligation, and the ability and the opportunity to help them do these things. I find her paradigm very clear, and useful for what we must help them do. We can’t do these things for them. But we can show them the way and support them, challenge them, question them, as they move through this laboratory for real life we know as the college experience.

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